Cook (Opened 7/15/2019)

Thelma B. Pittman Jupiter Preschool
17593 Cinquez Park Rd W, Jupiter, 33458


General knowledge of Food Preparation & Service
One Year Food Service Experience
ServSafe Certification
HS Diploma / GED

Employment Details

Adhere to food safety precautions
Proper Uniform/Shoes
Hair net worn
Food service gloves worn
Apron worn
Proper Hand Washing Followed
Proper Food Handling (Eliminate Food Cross Contamination)
Proper Refrigeration/Freezer Temperatures Maintain
Proper Hot/Cold Food Temperatures Maintained
Proper Dishwashing Procedures Followed

Maintain A Clean and Well-Organized Kitchen Facility
Food Supplies
Garbage/Trash properly disposed

Follow CCFP and Program Guidelines
Food Preparation
Food components & portion sizes
Menu planning
Food purchases
Food stocking (FIFO)
Food inventory
 Maintain CCFP bookkeeping documentation
 Attend food trainings and workshops
 Perform other food related duties as required

Contact Information

Linda Agyapong

(561) 746-7120
(561) 743-0766

Thank you to our system partners throughout the community