Assistant Teacher (Opened 7/6/2021)

Kid's College Preschool, LLC
3644 10th Ave N, Palm Springs, 33461


45 Hours in Early Childhood education through the DCF

Employment Details

ALL employees must be able to perform these:
• Able to observe, see, hear and respond to children’s needs, emergencies and conflicts that might occur in a classroom, on the playground, in bathrooms and common areas.
• Able to lift 30 pounds from the floor to a waist high table 10-15 times daily.
• Able to reach a child 20-30 feet away within 30 seconds without danger to the staff person’s health.
• Able to crouch to a child’s height, maintain eye-contact at the child’s level, sit on the floor, and stand tall enough to reach children on the highest piece of equipment.
• Able to determine cognitive, social and physical needs of children and to communicate both in writing and verbally in the English language at a level that the parents and other staff are able to understand and respond.
• Able to handle the stress, tension and exasperation that contact with many children and parents brings every day.
• Able to embrace team work and strive for excellence. • Able to be respectful and supportive of families at all levels.
• Able to communicate openly and productively.
• Able to represent Kid’s College Preschool, LLC. In a professional manner both within the facility and in the community.
• Able to abide by State of Florida Child Day Care Licensing Rule requirements.
• Able to abide by State of Florida Quality Rating Improvement Standards.
• Able to abide by NAEYC Code of Ethics and Statement of Commitment.
• See the individual job descriptions for additional requirements and expectations of each position within the company.
Lead Teacher
• Create lesson plans in accordance with curriculum objectives, developmentally appropriate practice and program philosophy.
• Meet the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs of each child.
• Encourage assistants to contribute to curriculum planning.
• Prepare bulletin boards and change them monthly.
• Post necessary information for parents.
• Maintain daily open communication with parents verbally and through written daily reports every day. (Daily reports should be proofread before being copied.)
• Write incident/ accident reports for all incidents and have parents sign a copy.
• Maintain anecdotal records.
• Report any suspected child abuse to Director.
• Arrange a classroom environment in accordance to program goals and philosophy.
• Maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment.
• Inspect and replace damaged or lost materials.
• Attend in-service and staff meetings
• Supervise assistants, aides and volunteers in the classroom.
• Keep accurate attendance records, and count of children at all times.
• Meet all applicable licensing regulations.
• Supervise children with toileting, eating, and hand washing.
• Change diapers or conduct toilet training (depending on age group).
• Report to the Site Director any problems with students, parents, or other staff.
• Serve, and clean-up all meals.
• Inform the Site Director of any potential problems in or around the site.
• Clean and sanitize all toys and play areas weekly.
• Check children for illness and inform the Director.
• Complete daily Gold Observation of children’s development trough the teaching strategies web-site and does the check point by the due date.
• Monitor monthly door Alarm(doors that open to unfenced area)
• Label every child personal item (Bottles, cups, pacifiers, etc.)

Contact Information

Yailyn Fuentes


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