Lead Teacher (Opened 12/7/2020)

My First Steps Preschool Parker
2300 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach, 33401


Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education; or an Associate’s Degree in any subject, and
coursework equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education with experience teaching
preschool-aged children. Coursework equivalent to a major related to Early Childhood Education includes
but is not limited to the following:

Coursework: No less than 18 semester credits in courses that focus specifically on child development,
early childhood education and curriculum, early childhood teaching and assessment, psychology, family
development, health and physical development, mathematics, science and children’s literature. These
courses may have been taken in various departments such as Education, Home Economics, Music, Art,
Library Sciences, Physical Education and Recreation, Psychology, Family Studies, and others, and must
specifically address young children.

Employment Details

General Description: Serves as lead worker in a Head Start or Early Head Start classroom. Performs
duties planning and implementing educational activities for pre-school aged children or infants/toddlers in
the Head Start/Early Heart Start Program that comply with federal performance standards. Participates in
the HS/EHS Quality Assurance efforts.

Essential Functions:

1. Plans, develops and implements daily lesson plans that provide for educational and enrichment
activities for pre-school age children or infants and toddlers that meet federal performance
2. Plans and arranges classrooms into distinctive learning areas that promote an effective learning
3. Screens and assesses children to determine developmental/educational needs and develops and
implements individual education plans that comply with federal performance standards.
4. Monitors meal and snack periods, classroom and restroom activities, and playground activities to
ensure a safe environment for young children.
5. Monitors food service and supplies for adequate inventory.
6. Documents children's progress or lack of and completes all required manual and computerized
forms and reports in accordance with federal requirements.
7. Initiates referrals on children to the Center Director by submission of a variety of formal
8. Plans classroom activities for parent and community volunteers.
9. Attends and participates in workshops and other meetings to acquire and disseminate information.
10. Communicates with parents through parent conferences, written correspondence, and telephone to
apprise them of child's progress, upcoming events, classroom activities, individual education plan
changes, and other relevant information.
11. Conducts health checks on children for health concerns, including ringworm, head lice and other
health conditions, and reports to appropriate Health Coordinator.
12. Ensures lessons and classroom activities align with the Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten
13. Conducts Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten assessments as required.
14. Ensures that at least 80% of the children are kindergarten-ready.
15. Performs quality staff-child interactions resulting in CLASS scores greater than the lowest 10% of
the threshold in each domain.

Contact Information

Esperanza Ramirez



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