Teacher (Opened 7/7/2021)

Precious Moments Enrichment Center
1055 Kirk Road, West Palm Beach, 33406


18 years of age, high school diploma, CDA, CPR and First Aid Certifications, good physical condition for lifting children; bending, squatting and sitting with children; singing and dancing movements.

Employment Details

  1. Greets each child in a warm and friendly manner.

    2. Read each individual child’s files in his/her class and is knowledgeable about their medical and developmental histories.

    3. Interacts with the children and encourages their involvement in activities.

    4. Provides a warm, safe and caring environment that is kept orderly, clean and appealing. The environment should allow the child to grow and to explore.

    5. Plans, prepares and implements daily activities (indoor/outdoor) as they relate to the curriculum.

    6. Responsible for the health, welfare and safety of the children.

    7. Provides overall supervision of toileting and bathroom time.

    8. Oversees all mealtime/snack time activities and related record.

    9. Maintains daily attendance records.

    10. Maintain ongoing developmental records for each child, including keeping records of all developing skills (physical, social, emotional and cognitive).

    11. Keeps a “portfolio” of each child’s progress, including photographs, samples of their artwork, writing, etc.

    12. Maintain good communication with parents on a daily basis through the use of daily sheets, notes or verbally.

    13. Works with other staff members to form a positive, supportive team atmosphere.

    14. Ensures confidentiality of privileged information.

    15. Maintains adherence to all company policies and procedures, including agency safety requirements.

    16. Must work the days and hours to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks, be punctual and timely in meeting all performance requirements, including but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines.

    17. Performs additional programs duties as assigned by the Director according to center’s needs.

Contact Information

Jacqueline Josephs



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