Lead VPK Teacher (Opened 4/9/2024)

YMCA of Boca Raton
6631 Palmetto Circle South, Boca Raton, 33433


The following is required for the Lead VPK Teacher position:

* DEL required VPK courses
* Staff Credential, or college degree in education
* Experience working within a VPK classroom

Employment Details

Under the direction of the Preschool Director and in accordance with the general policies, goals and standards established by the YMCA of South Palm Beach County, the VPK Preschool Teacher is responsible for implementing the Creative Curriculum and providing a nurturing, well-supervised and safe environment for the preschool children, while preparing them for kindergarten using the Florida state standards and FAST assessment.

To be successful, you must meet education, training and experience requirements and you must be able to demonstrate some critical knowledge, skills, and physical abilities.

The VPK Teacher must demonstrate a commitment to the Mission and goals of the YMCA of South Palm Beach County and must demonstrate an ability to work effectively with people and be a team player. The VPK Teacher must have attained a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree from an accredited college or university or CDA.
The basic 45-hour DCF child care training is required to be completed prior to employment.

The VPK Teacher with staff credential must also have:

• Completed the Emergent Literacy for VPK Instructors, Language and Vocabulary in the VPK Classroom and Implementing the Florida Standards for Preschool Classrooms: 3 years old to Kindergarten.
• Knowledge of the CLASS tool, Classroom Assessment Scoring System
• The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with parents, Preschool Director and other staff.
• The ability to plan lessons effectively so that students may participate in activities, which enhance readiness skills in various subject areas, (Language Arts, Math/ Science, Fine and Gross Motor, Arts, etc.).
• The ability to arrange the classroom to provide a flexible social environment that encourages both shared learning and independent growth.
• Responsible for the management and discipline of the enrolled children. Discipline must adhere to the school’s policy, using a positive approach. If consistent negative behavior occurs the Director should be notified and the teacher should document such behavior.


• Notify Child Development Director in the event of absence.
• Attend organized staff meetings.
• Turn in lesson plans every Friday for the next week.
• Provide ongoing communication, photos and videos on the school app.
• Participate in keeping the classroom clean and orderly.
• Supervise and interact with children while on the playground.
• Complete VPK assessments three times during the school year as required.
• Assist with the planning of graduation activities at the end of the school year.
• Work closely with other staff to create an innovative and rich learning environment.
• Any other duty as deemed necessary by the Preschool Director / Program manager.

The effectiveness of this notice can be evidenced by:

• An orderly classroom in which children are happy and productive.
• Parental satisfaction as evidenced in comments to both Teacher and Director.
• Quality child care for all YMCA preschool students.
• Children who enter kindergarten ready to learn.


• Mission and Community Oriented: Accepts and demonstrates YMCA values. Works effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions and perceptions. Demonstrates a desire to serve others and fulfill community needs. Recruits volunteers and builds effective, supportive working relationships with them.

• People Oriented: Seeks first to understand the other person’s point of view, and remains calm in challenging situations. Builds rapport and relates well to others. Listens for understanding and meaning; speaks and writes effectively. Takes initiative to assist in developing others.

• Results Oriented: Strives to meet or exceed goals and deliver a high-value experience for members. Embraces new approaches and discovers ideas to create a better member experience. Makes sound judgments, and transfers learning from one situation to another.
Establishes goals, clarifies tasks, plans work and actively participates in meetings. Supports fundraising. Follows budgeting policies and procedures, and reports all financial irregularities immediately.

• Personal Development Oriented: Accurately assesses personal feelings, strengths
and limitations and how they impact relationships. Pursues self-development that enhances job performance. Demonstrates an openness to change, and seeks opportunities in the change process.


• Must complete successful criminal background check and drug screening.

• All of the above duties and responsibilities are essential job functions subject to reasonable accommodation. The YMCA promotes an equal employment opportunity work place which includes reasonable accommodation of otherwise qualified disabled applicants and employees. Please see your manager should you have any questions about this policy or these job duties.

• This job description may not be all-inclusive and employees are expected to perform all other duties as assigned and directed by management. Job descriptions and duties may be modified when deemed appropriate by management.

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Patty Costopoulos



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