Seeking Excellence and Education through Knowledge, commonly referred to as SEEK, is a scholarship program dedicated to improving the quality of Palm Beach County early childhood education environments through staff development. SEEK Scholarship is funded by the Children's Services Council and administered by Palm Beach State College through the Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education (IEECE).

Funds are available to help pay costs associated with credit coursework, non-credit coursework, books, approved trainings, testing fees, and foreign degree translation/evaluation.


ACHIEVE is a salary supplement award program for practitioners employed at a Strong Minds In-Network or Promising Early Childhood program in Palm Beach County.

ACHIEVE awards are intended to encourage practitioners' ongoing professional development and to reduce turnover at their current center by providing monetary awards for completion of specific college credit coursework and/or non-college credit Registry-approved training.

For Assistance

Outreach Advisors are always available to assist with the SEEK and ACHIEVE application process.

Call 561-868-3782 to reach your assigned Outreach Advisor
or contact Zachary Scuderi at 561-868-3828 or

Scholarship Support

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Scholarship Support

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